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This is one of the finest speeches I have ever heard or seen.  
Please take 10 minutes to watch this.  
If you are ever thinking ... are you are always thinking  ... you can't,
just Maybe you will think again .... YOU CAN.

I am a very simple person and many would say that I cannot become mayor of Gadsden Alabama.
I can & I will with your support on 26 August 2014.
Gadsden must grow.
That is my burning passion to see us grow together.
It is not a accident that many towns & cites in a 100 mile radius of Gadsden have grown and thrived in the last 50 years.

It is our time to see Gadsden grow.

I will not ask or beg for your money.
I will ask that you share my message and vision to see Gadsden grow and please share and post my link any were you like in  Facebook, Twitter and emails www.GADSDENmayor.com 

I will ask that people from the other 49 states and others from around the world consider Gadsden for there home.

Many people are tired of all the money that is raised spent and wasted in political campaigns, I understand.
That changes when you support & elect Michael Shell mayor.
I'm not asking for money, only your support & vote on 26 August 2014.
My campaign will run on less than $1000.oo.
Being mayor is not about begging for your money.
Being mayor is about changing the way Gadsden does business and views business.
I would request that you share this address with your friends and neighbors  GADSDENmayor.com Michael Shell is my name and I am committed to being a mayor that helps Gadsden Alabama and does not hinder it.
I am committed to seeing Gadsden grow again.

Last election there was about 7000 votes cast in the mayors race.
5000 / 2000 for the two candidates.
Please register to vote.
It would be nice to see 7000 new registered voters in 2014, not just register but please also take time to vote.
I know with your help we can have 7000 + votes & voters on 26 August 2014.
I will be a mayor that seeks to grow and serve our citizens.
I will not make many promises because it sounds good and be impossible to fulfill.
It is my intention to grow Gadsden from the outside IN, not the inside out.

What I am saying is we do not need a bigger government in Gadsden we need a better one.

Gadsden government does not need to grow, Gadsden Business needs to grow.  

Business = Jobs.

Have you ever dealt with the City of Gadsden sign police?

Every business needs a sign.

A business sign is a vital sign to allow customers to know the 
who, what, when, where, &  why 
customers should stop & shop with you.

We need a simple sign ordinance that allows freedom of expression to grow business.

Your sign must never block the view of traffic, or hinder the drivers view in any way,

besides that there should be NO restrictions on business signs.

Your comments and ideas on how the City of Gadsden can grow again are requested and welcomed.

Please like our facebook page and share your thoughts ideas an insights.  

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The city of Gadsden has done so very little to help business or encourage business over the last 50 years.

When you elect Michael Shell mayor that will change.

Just a note, 
does it not piss you off that some government worker who has never run a business tells you how to run your business.

I am a business man and I know the hurdles and troubles small business face, and I will do everything within my power to help you grow your business, and minimize government regulation  

when you elect Michael Shell mayor 26 AUG 2014.

You should not be required to ask 
the government ... can I have a sign please.

Additionally you should be able to have as big, and as large a sign as you like or can afford.

We must quit punishing business in Gadsden with unneeded and unnecessary regulations.

Gadsden's over regulation has killed growth in Gadsden Alabama.  

We need to quit punishing work in Gadsden 

with the employment tax, 

It must be eliminated.

Bottom line I am serious about growth in Gadsden. Real Growth.

Please consider me for your mayor in Gadsden Alabama on 26 August 2014.

Thank you sincerely,  Michael Shell

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