Etowah County Gadsden Alabama Has Grown by 400 People In 30 Years GADSDENmayor.com

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Etowah County Gadsden Alabama Has Grown by 400 People In 30 Years

Some people think think that Gadsden Alabama 's population has moved to the county.

Well you are right, but only 400 +/- people.

Etowah County's population was 103,057 in 1980.

Etowah County's population was 103,459 in 2000.

Etowah County's population is 103.645 in 2009 which is the latest numbers available.

Gadsden Alabama needs a mayor that is serious about growth.

The bureaucracy in Gadsden Alabama reminds me of New York, Chicago & Los Angeles.

We are a small city, but we do not need to stay small.

In fact i'm of the opinion that if we are not growing we are dieing.

We need to see our city grow at a rate of 100 to 500 people a month for many, many years.

People in New York, Chicago & Los Angeles pay property taxes of $500 to $1000 per month and more lots more.
We have the lowest property taxes in the country.
The average home in Gadsden Alabama is priced between $50,000 & $100,000.
The taxes annually is about +/- $500 - $800 per year.
It should not be hard to sell that FACT to anyone to encourage them to move to Gadsden ALABAMA.
The truth is no one is even trying.

We need local people and others to start new business and expand there business.

Does the City Of Gadsden help Business?

Sadly the answer is NO.

When you elect Michael Shell Mayor 26 Aug 2014 I will grow our city.

We will have a city government that is open an friendly to Business not the adversarial way it is run now.

Please tell all the people of New York, Chicago & Los Angeles and Gadsden ALABAMA about GADSDENmayor.com

I am Michael Shell and I am serious about our city growing again.

Etowah County Gadsden Alabama Has Grown by 400 People In 30 Years GADSDENmayor.com






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GADSDENmayor.com The population of Gadsden Alabama was 50,000 +/- in 1950. The population of Gadsden Alabama in 2010 is about 36,000 +/-

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The population of Gadsden Alabama was 55,000 +/- in 1950.

The population of Gadsden Alabama in 2014 is about 36,000 +/-

We have been going in the wrong direction for 60 years.


Michael Shell is serious about growth.

It makes me sad, but more than that it piss's me off that we have not only not grown in 50 years but we have continually declined.

The City of Gadsden has worked very hard to limit the growth of Gadsden Alabama.

26 August 2014 Elect Michael Shell Mayor, I'm Serious About GROWTH.

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Population Facts from Wikipedia.org

GADSDENmayor.com The population of Gadsden Alabama was 50,000 +/- in 1950.  The population of Gadsden Alabama in 2012 is about 36,000 +/

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11 September 2001 May We Never Forget New York City | The First Attack on The USA Home Land

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11 September 2001 May We Never Forget New York City    GADSDENmayor.com

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